Our Story

It all began with an idea to leave a footprint in the world that is going to leave a mark on the future generation with the whole world shifting towards modern-day age technology and schools still stuck with the old and rustic education system, Skillz for living was founded to help the students with comparatively fewer resources than the average student.

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“Be a lifelong student. The more you learn, the more you earn and more self-confidence you will have.”

Brian Tracy


We’re two young entrepreneurs who wanted to help shape the future of the upcoming generation who have limited to no resources to learn the new-age skills.

An idea turned into reality with the support of contributors around the world, we’re new and growing every day. Nothing gives us immense pleasure when we see how much this platform has helped someone grow with and land a job to live a more sustainable and full-filling life, and working hard towards fulfilling their life goals.

Skillzforliving.com has always been free and will be free to students who have a dream and want to achieve it even though they have access to limited resources.


We believe in the notion of quality learning and how learning can open gates to new possibilities in someones’ life and excel them into a more substantial and happy lifestyle.

We provide quality learning with the help of contributors from around the world to help the students who love learning but go through financial instability in their everyday life.

Our statement has remained the same from the curation of this idea to the execution we empower their dreams by empowering their skills.

Meet Our Team

The Team that was kind enough to lend us a hand in achieving our goal.